Hi, I'm Dickson Kahuro
Investor -- Entrepreneur

SCREENSHOT OF YEAR 2040 - Today 2022.---- My undergraduate degree was in agricultural economics (2012 -2015), and my career began as a business owner where I was selling second hand clothes from Gikomba Nairobi to Nyeri streets and a part time farmer of tree tomato fruits in Nyeri Tetu (2015 -2017). Within two years after graduating I realized I was an entrepreneur. I founded my first company, OxfarmAg Ltd, at the age of twenty six. --- Over the past twenty-plus years after founding my first company, I have founded and co-founded five other companies, with yearly revenues surpassing Ksh 5 billion (50 million dollars) employing more than 300 employees. --- In that time, I have launched thirty products, advised more than fifty startups, taught entrepreneurship to 5000 entrepreneurs and traveled the world in more than 50 countries. --- I have an amazing family with my wife and 4 children.

Welcome To My Web Page



They call me Agri-preneur others Serial entrepreneur and to the customers I have served know me as a hard-worker who loves quality work and professionalism.

Enough about who I am because to me i am just a happy farther and a husband who is obsessed to make Kenya and the World a better place for humanity to live.

I discovered it was unwise to limit myself with thoughts as to what i can accomplish in this world, and decided to go all in on a passionate journey of entrepreneurship no matter what I had, where most of the times only the brain worked harder. That’s what i have been doing and i am always excited about tomorrow.

I love to inspire people and that’s the essence of this web blog.

Since i wear many hats on day to day work I hope be useful to the you on areas of agribusiness, entrepreneurial life, branding and marketing, becoming a great sales person, Personal branding and growth, the list is endless.


Starting small with a dream of becoming a great entrepreneur.

I have a dream ….


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