8 Top Horticultural Crops To Grow in Kenya 2024

8 Top horticultural crops to grow in Kenya 2024

At the beginning of every year, farmers are reflecting on the past year and how to prepare their growing seasons. In 2024, horticultural enthusiasts and professionals alike will have a range of exciting opportunities.

With only December to go, this is the perfect time to prepare for 2024 and even lay the foundation for what to plant. When it comes to horticultural crops, the year ahead promises a rich selection of profitable and sustainable options.

For instance, vegetable farming is one of the silent money makers and the January to March season is a perfect time to be harvesting. It’s already a dry season, the demand is high, supply is low, and the prices are high.

In this article, we have compiled the top crops you should consider growing in 2024. Check them out and see which one you can grow in Kenya!

1. Sweet Potato Farming

Sweet potatoes are one of the most profitable crops in Kenya, with an average production capacity of 30 to 40 bags per acre.

On average, a bag weighs about 110 kg and can be sold at Ksh 4,500. This equates to a potential income of Ksh 135,000 to 180,000 per acre.

Check out this article on What are the best varieties? To know the best variety for your area. Under good care, you can harvest between 15 – 20 tons per acre. At a price of Sh 50 per kilo, this equates to Sh 750,000 to Sh 1,000,000.

2. Tomato Farming

Are you looking for a cash cow that can earn you millions within a short time? Imagine earning way above Sh 80k from an eighth acre. Well, an acre under tomatoes can give you way 15 to 20 tons under good care. This translates to Ksh 750,000 to Sh 1000,000 +.

The best timing should be harvesting between February to May, so it’s the right time to plant now.

However, you need to grow the right variety to achieve optimum results. You can choose either:

  • Hybrid varieties like Star Starke Ayres, Zara, Kilele, and Ansal

  • Local varieties like Starke Ayres Rio Grande and Isi Sementi.

3. Cabbage Farming

Cabbage farming in Kenya has become popular, as the plant becomes a delicacy in most dishes.

An acre can accommodate about 12000 – 20,000 pieces depending on the spacing, which equates to a profit of over Sh 400k in a good season, and February to May is a good season.

You can plant varieties like Gloria Danish and Fanaka F1.

4. Spinach Farming

These succulent edible green leaves also have a high profit potential. And guess what, they can be harvested for a period of 6 – 12 months.

An acre can yield at least 15 to 20 bags which translates to Sh 22,500 to 30,000 per harvest. If you harvest after 14 days, that will be 45k to 60k per month. Besides, if you harvest 3 times per month, that will be 67k to 90k per month. Funny enough, it won’t consume more than 20k per month.

You can grow varieties like East African, Starke Ayres, Royal Seed, Simlaw, and Amiran.

Spinach is mostly grown because of its succulent edible green leaves. They are rich in vitamin and minerals, especially iron. The crop can be harvested for a period of 6-12 months. After deducting expenses, on a good month, you can make close to 100,000 from spinach farming.

5. Kales Farming

This is an underrated crop that can earn high profits like spinach. An acre yields about20 to 25 tons.

This equates to Sh 400,000 to Sh 500,000 when you sell a kilo at Sh 20. Isn’t that good income?

6. Onions Farming

Nearly every household in the country consumes onions, hence it’s always in demand. On average, an acre produces 10 – 25 tons per acre depending on the management practices and variety. At a price of Sh 60 per kilo, this comes to an income potential of Sh 900,000 to Sh 1,500,000.

However, the start up costs may be high as the price of seeds for a half kg of Hazera Russett may sell at Sh 18,500 or more. Once planted, the costs are relatively low.

You can plant varieties like Red Pinnoy, Rusett, Jambar F1, Red Creole, Bombay Red, and Texas Early Grano.

7. French Beans Farming

Is growing for export your thing? Well, the French beans and snow peas should be your thing. French beans have an average production potential of 2 to 3 tons per ½ acre. Selling a kilo at Sh 60, this translates to Sh 120,000 to Sh 180,000 from such a small piece of land.

Consider growing French bean varieties like Moonstone, Serengeti, Vanilla, Goal, Teresa, Star, Samantha, and Amy.

8. Snow Peas Farming

Snow peas are another popular export crop like French beans and sugar snap that can give you way over Sh 500,000 from an acre. However, like tomatoes, they require intense care and management costs may be relatively high.

You can grow varieties like Kennedy or Ambassador.

In conclusion, here are many crops that you can grow in 2024. The agricultural sector in the country offers a wide range of profitable crops you can grow, hence you are not limited to these ones.

You have other options like broccoli, lettuce, carrots, and garlic. However, you should be aware that the profit potential depends on factors like management practices, production costs, and market prices.

Happy gardening!

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