How to Start a Cyber Business in Kenya: What is The Cost?

How to Start a Cyber Business in Kenya: What is The Cost?

The cyber cafe business is booming in Kenya as the demand for printing and cyber services keeps increasing. Despite the increasing number of personal computers and the affordability of printers, people still visit the cyber to use a computer for other reasons.

Some of the reasons are;

  • Print papers

  • Get assistance on Ecitizen services

  • Consult on KRA services and file returns

  • Consult on documents like CVs, typesetting, and editing work.

Today, most such businesses perform extremely well, provided you choose a strategic location. To start a cyber, you need a good computer or laptop, a printer, printing papers, staples and staplers, and a laminating machine if possible. If you are operating on a tight budget, you can start with one or 2 computers and grow it gradually.

You will record higher profits if you place your business in an area with little or no competition and be surprised that you can make between Sh 800 to Sh 10000 per day depending on the services you offer.

On average, about Ksh 50,000 will be good to start with.

Before starting, you need to get the right equipment to satisfy your customer needs. So, what’s the checklist for the business?

Checklist for a cyber cafe business

  1. Licenses from the county government. This may cost anywhere from Ksh 5000 to Ksh 12,000 per year depending on the county.

  2. Location. Select a strategic location near a high school, office, university, college, or a place people are known to frequent.

  3. Fast internet. Consumers can frequent your cyber cafe for fast internet. Since you may have multiple users and clients, you need quick coverage like 10mbps or 20mbps. Select a provider that offers unlimited internet if you will merge with a movie shop.

  4. High-speed PC. This will help you run services efficiently including those that take a lot of resources like document processing or downloading movies. It should complete processes without lagging or delaying. Look for a PC or laptop with ample storage, heavy RAM, and a tough processor. Choose a reputable brand like HP, Dell, and Lenovo.

  5. Multifunctional printer. It should be able to do multiple services like printing, photocopying, and scanning. Each users search for high-quality printing, so there’s no need to disappoint your customers. Choose printers like Canon, Epson, HP, and Kyocera.

  6. Furniture for partitioning, making desks, and storage units.

  7. Flash disks, external hard drives, a mouse, and extra keyboards.

As for the internet, you can choose providers like Safaricom Fibre, Zuku Fibre, Airtel, Mawingu Networks, Faiba, and Wavex. There are hundreds of WiFi providers in Kenya, you can choose one that best works for you!

Additional services include typesetting, photography/passport application, scanning, printing, selling accessories, spiral binding, online registration, graphic design, movie shop, internet connection, computer training, and computer consultancy.

All the best as you start your journey towards starting your cyber business!



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