Key Proven Tips on How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Agribusiness

Today, close to 74% of buyers use social media to make critical purchase decisions. So, you want farm produce, say cabbage, but you don’t know of particular sellers. What do you do? You turn to social media, browse through different adverts on Facebook, and approach potential sellers online. This way, social media connects you with your seller.

That means that social media marketing is a critical tool that can be used to reach a target audience or product online. Whether selling or buying, social media always has an audience for your agribusiness.

For instance, if your agribusiness serves other farmers, you need to understand effective ways to enhance your marketing campaigns. Currently, a significant number of farmers are already using social media. You can find them in groups, pages, blogs, YouTube channels, TikTok, and individual profiles.

This article aims at providing you with helpful tips to help you promote your agribusiness using social media and make the best out of your farming operations. Scroll down to learn more!

How I Use Social Media as Dickson for My Agribusinesses

Personally, through my journey and experience as an agri-farmer and businessman, I have significantly learnt about the power of social media. This is through boosting sales for my business on social media platforms, turning leads into customers, boosting conversions, educating those in my network, and connecting to farmers and customers.

I have achieved this through my blog, which is constantly loaded with helpful content, YouTube for farming videos to teach farmers on how to grow their fruit trees in the right manner, videos through our Oxfarm agri-tours to educate farmers through working farming models, and using social media platforms to market my businesses.

How to Use Social Media

Here are a few tips on using social media to promote your agribusiness. Check them out!

Choose the Right Platforms

Before proceeding, you need to identify the social media platforms that you can use. You need something that is easy to use and familiarize with faster to advertise something that will drive optimal results for your agribusiness. Currently, there are many platforms that you can use, which include:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Pinterest

Share Blog Posts

The main goal of your online marketing is to lead users to your website, establish a conversation, inform your audience on a particular topic, and turn leads into potential customers. In agribusiness, social media plays a vital role in marketing. However, you need an excellent strategy to draw attention and drive users to your website or contact page.

For instance, if you can share an article on “Where to buy seedlings” on social media, the main idea is to redirect a customer to the Oxfarm website. Someone in need of seedlings will look at what, become curious to explore where they should get seedlings, and follow the link to the website.

Create a Social Media Calendar

You must maintain a consistent posting schedule to engage buyers and farmers on social media successfully. For instance, if you post content every day, but after some time, stay for weeks or months without posting anything, then people will feel a disconnect. Eventually, they might even stop following your brand.

It doesn’t mean that you craft posts every day. Devise a social media calendar to help maintain a consistent schedule to post content or ads at specific times, even on your busiest days.

Piecing It All Together

Conduct adequate research on the farmers’ problems and discuss how your agribusiness products can solve the problem. For instance, if their issue is on irrigation or water shortages, you can place an ad saying that you offer efficient irrigation systems or borehole drilling solutions.

Ensure that the content aligns with your agribusiness goals and the products you offer. If you are marketing a complex product to farmers, simplify the content, so they understand. Explain the technical aspects in a simpler way. You can use complex terminologies and scientific language when targeting agronomists, agrovets, pharmaceuticals, and pesticide distributors.

Since there are many users on social media, there is a high possibility that you might target the wrong audience, especially for sponsored content. Always consider your reach. Ensure that it gets to the relevant and credible audience.

Respond to Reviews

Reviews are a crucial component that shows the credibility of your agribusiness. Social media platforms allow people to express their opinions about the posted products. Your agribusiness will be no exception. As you do business, more people will leave feedback on your products’ shopping experience and quality. Respond to them positively. Take time to respond to each review.

Thank the reviewer for their positive review.

Also, respond positively to the negative reviews. Apologize to the reviewer for their experience and offer to fix the issue. This way, you will enhance the quality of your customer service.

Use Paid Social Media Ads

If you find out that your organic social media content isn’t yielding the desired results, you can switch to paid ads. Promoting the content this way helps you reach a custom audience that lies within a certain age, geographical location, and occupation. This enables you to reach a target audience within the products you offer, including people who are not following you.

Overview of How To Use the Sites

Select one that resonates with your target audience. Here is a breakdown of how you can use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. Have a look.

LinkedIn for Agri-marketing

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool that is overlooked by farmers. If your agribusiness is looking for customers for farm produce, you can target restaurant owners, individual consumers, bakeries, and chefs. It’s a professional platform where you can connect with possible suppliers and buyers of bulk produce.

Facebook for Farm Businesses

Facebook has the largest marketing platform for agribusinesses. It has many average and lower-income buyers, young and middle-aged consumers, and established businesses. You can use Facebook to market farm businesses.

Wrap Up

Social media is an excellent marketing hub for any farming agribusiness. By understanding which channels to use, you can grow your market for your products. Once you have devised a content plan, place adverts, posts, and sponsored content. Get your business growing and increase your sales.

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