Poultry Farming in Kenya: Is It a Viable Venture for the Youth in 2024?

Poultry Farming in Kenya: Is It a Viable Venture for the Youth in 2024?

Poultry farming is not new in Kenya, but doing it commercially isn’t something very common among most youths. What people forget is that commercial production is a powerful economic driver and an opportunity for the youth seeking self-employment.

The driving factors for the poultry sector are driven growth of the middle class, rapid urbanization, high demand for affordable sources of proteins, and an increase in quick service restaurants like KFC, Chicken-Inn, Nando’s, and restaurants like Brade Gates, Bantu Africa, Millenials and Art Caffe.

If you want to spoil yourself, the first thought is feasting on a chicken. If you are taking your new catch for lunch or dinner, the first idea that will come to mind is chicken or some KFC chicken. And you know where it comes from, well obvious from the farm.

Kenya’s Poultry Powerhouse

The poultry industry isn’t only about filling the plate with a delicious, finger-licking good chicken. It’s an investment powerhouse. According to statistics, poultry contributes to nearly 30% of the agricultural sector’s GDP. You can now see its potential and strength. But, for you to earn from poultry farming, you need the right breed.

Choose The Right Breed

This field is divided into layer and broiler poultry, which are used for egg production and commercial meat. As for Kienyejis, they are multi-purpose birds that can serve both eggs and meat. But, some hybrids are for a certain role, although that doesn’t mean you can’t eat them.

Elite birds such from Parent-stock breeders like Hendrix and Aviagen can be quite expensive. However, have an excellent genetic potential for hatchability and fertility, high egg production and quality, and fast meat conversion. Unlike others, they are highly sensitive to environmental and stress factors and should be reared away from high traffic, slaughterhouses, urban areas, water pans, and local poultry.

Commercial layers are typically for egg production. Common varieties are Shavers, Lohmann, Hy-line, and ISA Brown. Layers have a prolonged egg production period, high livability, and good egg quality. But, egg production drops at the slightest change in the environment.

Kenbro are red-feathered birds with layer and broiler characteristics. It can achieve 1.5 kg in 7 weeks if reared for meat. If kept as a layer, a hen can produce 200 eggs per annum.

Kuroiler is also a dual-purpose bird with a production potential of 150 eggs per year. However, the hens are not broody.

The rainbow rooster is a multi-colored, fast-growing bird that layers more eggs than Kienyeji chicken and is ideal for organic production or backyard rearing.

The Kari breed is a new breed of kienyeji chicken that attains a weight of 1.5 kg in 5 months. Unlike layers or broilers, it’s more resistant to parasites and diseases.

How much does it cost to start a poultry farm in Kenya?

The startup cost varies depending on the size and type of birds you are keeping. Sall to midsize poultry farms will cost between Sh 3000 to Sh 50,000 depending on number of birds and rearing structure.

Success Stories with Feathers

Poultry farming in Kenya isn’t just about statistics, numbers, and stories; it’s about real people who are reaping big from the birds. Websites like AgriKazi and Oxfarm are filled with success stories of young entrepreneurs thriving in poultry agribusiness. Here’s a highlight of these stories.

  • Jane Wanjiru. She started with just a small number of Kienyeji chicken, a business that has expanded greatly with time.

  • Grace Muthoni. Grace adopted organic poultry farming, keeping free-range chicken for high-quality eggs.

  • Samuel Kipchirchir. He ventured into broiler farming. His dedication to rearing and proper disease control, feeding, and market research has turned him into a success story.

  • Sanaipei Tande. She’s not only into music. Sanaipei started poultry farming as a side hustle to supplement income from her acting and music careers. Her passion for the business has seen her establish a thriving chicken farm feeding restaurants and butcheries with meat and eggs.

These success stories are just a “few of the many” that should inspire the youth to be the new successful investors in poultry.

It’s your time to rise! The flock awaits!

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