Who I Am

Family first then Business.

I am A Farther, Husband, Brother, Entrepreneur and Investor.

Note; Updated Yearly –

Last update Jan 2022

I have founded two agribusiness Companies and 2 additional side hustles, As of January 2022 I have employed 38  youthful employees with branches in major towns in Kenya.

My Future Self 2040 


My Goals – Accomplishments – Interests – My Network – My Skills

  • To increase my net worth and network. 
  • To scale my businesses beyond Kenya.
  • To be in a family of fellow entrepreneurs
  • To improve my main skill of strategizing and marketing.
  • To be a family man 
I Have built companies employing more than 38 employees.

I have built a family with a wife and two Kids.  

Traveling, watching movies, reading, 
My Networks
BNI Achievers Chapter Kenya

Fresh produce exporters association

Mt Kenya nursery operators association

Tehu farmers group

Jubilee farmers group 

  • Conflict resolution
  • Business development
  • Strategic thinker
  • Team Player


My startup Story with my Dad.

I traded my Masters Degree and opted for a 70,000 Liters stone water tank to grow tree tomato fruits.

I developed an interest in entrepreneurship at Moi University after several trials and errors. After graduating with an agricultural economics degree in May 2015, I focused on one hustle of selling second hand clothes from Nairobi Gikomba to streets of Nyeri and Eldoret. Within 7 month I had opened 4 distribution shops employing 10 employees to run them. It was a profitable venture but with lots of risks. I researched on the best way I could use the knowledge I had gained on campus and it was during research I discovered tree tomato farming and how it can be a profitable agribusiness idea. The same December my dad informed me that I would be enrolling for a masters degree from 2016. I was against the idea, so I persuaded my dad to build me a tank instead of paying for a masters degree. 

I approached my colleague who we studied the same course to join in the agribusiness idea in January 2016.  Armed with a savings of Ksh 230K and support from my dad who built a 70k litre stone tank for irrigation water and a piping system to the farm the journey started. 

The challenges I faced led to the founding of the OxfarmAg business. Firstly we tried to source tree tomato seedlings to plant in the farm, this became a challenge because every nursery we visited had low quantities with poor quality seedlings and they were expensive. We resorted to raising the seedlings by learning the best methods of propagation and selection of the best seeds. 

After 6 months we had quality seedlings for the farm and 3000 extra which we easily sold to farmers locally at Ksh 40 each. We were able to raise additional capital to dig planting holes, buy manure and some extra tools for management. We also ventured in to raise 5000 seedlings additional seedlings for farmers since the demand was high. 

The tree tomato project was a success where we were featured in several Media programs for youth in agriculture and as a result we got a huge coverage and Network. The partnership we had with my colleague ended in the year 2017 and during the same year I registered the company OxfarmAg Ltd to focus on assisting farmers to produce market fit produce and connect them with the market. 


Our services were necessitated by the existing market gaps in fruit farming 

  • Limited access to certified quality planting materials for fruit farmers with quantities required.
  • Limited technical production capacity and management needed for optimum harvests while lowering the cost of production.
  • Post harvest losses that occur due to post harvest inefficiencies where farmers have limited access to the right market and mishandling of the products between the farm and the market.


Currently we have 20+ fruit varieties we deal with, apart from our own propagation we have a network of small scale seedlings propagators that ensure consistent supplies, 4 branches across the country, 10k+ buying farmers served from 2017 and more than a 20k+ farmers trained in our branches and more than 1 million trained online in our websites. 

Our target has been commercial fruit farmers to provide them with end to end solutions for their fruit ventures allowing them to focus on production of quality produce. 

Our solutions involve assisting fruit farmers access quality planting materials, offer planting services, make training accessible and offer a direct link with the best market for their produce. 


Find more About OxfarmAg HERE




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